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Our Litters

Love litter 28. April 2019


M Ch Donskoi Mikolai Fjodor & Petra

N Ch DK Ch NordJr.W-16 DKK JrW-16
Donskoi Cleopatra

K-litter 05. Sept 2007

Ch Zimistraja´s Sarek

Ch Le Sphinx Filippiia

J-litter 21. Aug 2006

Ch Aria´s Satchmo at Le Sphinx

Ch Le Sphinx Hunting Beauty

I-litter 7. Aug 2004

Ch Roscos Eelenonov Velikj Tsar

Int Ch Silver Saga Spirit of the Tsar

H-litter 06. March 2004

Ch Le Sphinx E´Zatyr

Ch Le Sphinx Filippiia

G-litter 08. Sept. 2002

Int Nord Ch Borscana Ulvejeger

N Ch Majenkir Tzarina Le Sphinx

F-litter 06. June 2001

Int Nord Jap Ch Seabury JAY Egoiste

N Ch Majenkir Tzarina Le Sphinx

E-litter 21. Aug. 1998

 Ch Makenkir Tzigan at Le Sphinx

Al Wintars Izolde

And due to different hard disk crashes - and no digital cameras
back then most of the photos is not there anymore....

Some day I maybe will find the good old photo albums, and scan what I have.
Those litters are:

The Dark-litter out of

Nord Ch Al Wintars Dargos X Le Sphinx Black Noble Huntress
B. 1992
Le Sphinx Dark Dennitza
Le Sphinx Dark Divinity
Le Sphinx Dark Dee-Dee
Le Sphinx Sea Zephy-Romancer
Le Sphinx Dark Design
Le Sphinx Dark Little Diamond
Le Sphinx Dark Delight Cherie

The Black-litter out of

Silkenswift Obsidian Rock X Sirioschhka´s Fergana Nikitinka
B. 1989
Le Sphinx Black Bronze Falcon
Le Sphinx Black Magic Master
Le Sphinx Black Dizzy Miss Lizzy
Le Sphinx Black Noble Huntress

The Sea-litter out of

Nord Ch Sirioschka´s Erebos-Alatyr X Sirioschhka´s Fergana Nikitinka
B. 1988
Le Sphinx Sea Hollister-Hoo
Le Sphinx Sea Lion-Equus
Le Sphinx Sea Zango-Zivan
Le Sphinx Sea Zephy-Romancer
Le Sphinx Sea Czarina-Tuzy
Le Sphinx Sea Queen-Zandra
Le Sphinx Sea Electric-Zorka

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