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The I-litter

Le Sphinx Iceman -
Owner: Regina & Frank Thurnheer, Switzerland
Kennel From Sandsound

 Le Sphinx I`ll Be Back - "Arno"
Owner:  Tone Gude

Le Sphinx Indian Summer
Owner: Edzo Vennick, Holland

Le Sphinx INXZ
Owner:  Hans Fuchs

Le Sphinx In the Mood
Owner: Paula A Nordbø

Le Sphinx Independence
Owner: Tina Herring

Le Sphinx It´s Showtime "Tammy"
Owner: Maicken Beckmann/Le Sphinx Borzoi

Le Sphinx Innocence
Owner: Lise Lotte Moring

Le Sphinx In Your Dream
Owner: Kirsti Fagerli

Le Sphinx Infinity

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