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Out and about with the
dogs 2017
"lots and lots of photos"

Another nice sunny morning at the beach

November 28, 2017

Another nice morning outing with the dogs at the beach.

Finally a day with sun, out at the beach with Ragnhild and her Boys

November 20, 2017

November is one moth with rain, wind, storm.... we get it all for sure in November. But today the sun was shining, and off we went to the beach together with Ragnhild and her boys, and tomorrow rain and storm again :-(

Back from dogshow in Denmark, and back to our beloved beach

November 05, 2017

Back from Denmark and dog show, and Maiken and me out to the beach with the dogs.

Beach trips in October

October 12, 2017

Here is some photos from our beach trips in October. It´s been raining and raining, long and far between the sunny days.

Stunning sunset at the beach

September 22, 2017

Not, so often that I take the dogs to the beach at sunset, just because when it´s a beautiful day - there is also lots of people there. And with lots of people, I do not let them go off leash. But, was lucky this time, just love the light ...

Morning trip to the beach

August 27, 2017

The electric was down today due to some work, so what better to do than take a trip to the beach in this loverly weather?

Another beach trip - this time with a new dog friend.

July 18, 2017

Out to the beach with a new dog friend - this time a poodle and his owner. Think my girls was a bit too fast for him, he had a hard time to keep up with them. But, we had a nice trip, and happy and tired dogs ...

Morning trip to the beach with Ranghild and her boys

July 13, 2019

Up bright and early for a beach trip with Ragnhild and her Sloughi boys. Being early - we have the beach for our selves, so it pays off to get out there before everybody else.

Out visiting some new sigthound friend, the Sloughi boy Haris and Himli

June 29, 2017

Did meet Ragnhild via FB and we did visit her and her Sloughi boys to see how they and mine did play along. No, problem at all, with 2 young boys and 2 young girls - are some sniffing, it was off we go, and played nicely together. After this we have had many nice early morning walks together.

Mountain hiking with Eva (this time witout dogs) to Ulvarudlå

April 29, 2017

My friend Eva did talk me into a mountain hiking trip. I do feel bad going on a walk without dogs, but it was a nice and long walk. And so different from the beach. And the view on top is stunning.

Out at the beach with Bernt and Kristoffer

April 13, 2017

A nice trip to Salte on a Saturday with Bernt and Kristoffer, and the dogs. Nice walk - nice and sunny, we all enjoyed the trip :-)

Again a nice and sunny morning at the beach with the dogs

March 28, 2017

Have been raining rather much the recent days, so it was nice to get up and the sun was shining. What else to do than take a morning trip to the beach.

Lovely morning walk at the beach with the dogs

March 22, 2017

Had a nice morning walk with the dogs at the beach. So nice and sunny, and spring is here....

Beach trip with some exsotic friends

March 16, 2017

First beach meeting with my friend Kari-Anne and her exotic gang. At first they was a bit timid - with exception of her crazy little afghan girl. But, after a little warm off, and get to know each other - they all had a blast!
We had a wonderful trip together. And the dogs was happy and content the rest of the day :-)

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