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April 13, 2017

At Salte beach with Bernt and Kristoffer - and the dogs.

Did this time get the boys out with me for a beach walk with the dogs. Think both dogs and Kristoffer enjoyed the trip.

March 28, 2017

Lovely morning out with the dogs

Again up bright and early to take the dogs out to the beach

March 22, 2017

Beach trip

Again at the beach with the dogs. And we enjoyed a nice and sunny day - must go out when the sun is so nice to smile to us. Have had enough regn lately :-(

March 05, 2017

Beach trip with Kari-Anne

Had a lovely beach trip with Kari-Anne and her dogs. This was their first beach trip with mine, they had so much fun. Did not care to much about the water though. Lovely day, and had nice and tired dogs for the rest of the day.

February 10, 2017

The first show for this year, ND at Ølen, Etne & Vindafjord Hundeklubb

Finally the first dog show for 2017 :-)

Ølen & Etne Hundeklubb - Judge: Inga Sills

BOB - "Vesla" N Ch DK Ch NordW-16 Wieka Tsar Borzoi

bb 2 - "Petra" DK JrW-16 Nord JrW16 Donskoi Cleopatra

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